Retrospective tracker Notion template

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This Agile retrospective template is designed to help you and your team easily track and manage your retrospectives, from gathering data to taking action.

With this template, you can streamline your team's continuous improvement process and make sure that your retrospectives lead to real change.

The template includes the following features:

  • Retrospective tracker: Easily track your retrospectives and view past data and insights
  • Action item tracker: Keep track of action items and ensure they are assigned an owner and due date
  • Picture tracker: Take pictures of your retrospective and keep them in one place for easy reference
  • Team view: See all action items assigned to team members in one place
  • My view: Quickly see all the action items assigned to you

In addition to these features, the template also includes resources to help you and your team conduct effective retrospectives, including tips for facilitating and sample activities to try.

Whether you're new to Scrum or looking to improve your team's retrospective process, this template is a valuable tool for any team looking to continuously improve their process and outcomes.

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Retrospective tracker Notion template

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